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Tin sa se comunice faptul ca după reîntoarcerea in Romania interesele mele profesionale actuale privesc cercetarea fundamentala și aplicată în matematică și informatică in special in conjuncție cu stabilirea de contacte si cooperări cu Republica Moldova si cu așa-numita lume multipolara condusa actualmente de B.R.I.C.S. (Brazilia, Rusia, India, China si Africa de Sud) care este pe cale sa creeze instituții si organizații internaționale care sa le concureze si eventual substituie pe cele obsolete instaurate după al doilea război mondial de așa-numita lume unipolara condusa de SUA, căreia îi sunt subordonați Europenii de Vest (Anglia, Franța si Germania), si care este dependenta de resursele umane si materiale ale Orientului Apropiat (Turcia, Israelul si Arabia), spațiu de interese care este actualmente dinamic saturat si intrat intr-un proces de revizuire si decadenta, deoarece guvernat de o logica interna si externa bazata pe atac, agresiune si violenta.


Spre deosebire de tarile din grupul Visegrad (Polonia, Ungaria) care in mod tradițional au beneficiat de o relație privilegiata cu Occidentul, Romania si Moldova au fost întotdeauna doar un teren de joc pentru variatele strategii prin care s-a încercat o extindere din aceasta direcție, fiecare dintre aceste doctrine (actualmente UE si OTAN) pretinzând inițial a fi mai bine adaptata epocii care i-a dat naștere dar in final dovedindu-se a fi doar mai inselatoare decât precedentele.


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After more than 30 (thirty) years of emigration to the Stuttgart Area in (Southern) Germany and the Paris Area in (Northern) France where I preoccupied my mind with the most abstract and modern fields of thought and activity such as Mathematics, Logics, Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT), I returned to my place of genetical and educational origin, Bucharest in Romania, with a manifest distrust and abjection toward the very founding  principles of the so-called Unipolar World (which includes the Occident or, more recently, the Transatlantics) and the resolute conviction of the strategic superiority of the Human and Geographic Space of Old Christians (primarily Orthodox in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia as well as Eastern Christians such as Georgian, Armenian, Syrian, Aramaic, Coptic, …) as a strong balance that separates the former space from the so-called Multipolar World (which includes the Orient or, more recently, Eurasia), with which I intend to establish Research and Development (R&D) contacts and cooperations in Mathematics and Informatics.

The Multipolar World led by BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, India, South-Africa) is presently about to create institutions and organizations that and eventually substitute the obsolete ones founded after World War II by the Unipolar World, led by the USA, to which the Western-Europeans (UK, France, Germany) are allied, and which extends into the Close Orient (Arabia, Turkey and Israel), the Visegrad-Group countries (Poland, Hungary) traditiona1ly enjoying a sustained privileged relationship with the Occident, while Romania and Moldova have always been under various doctrines just a playfield for extension ambitions coming from that direction, each such design pretending to be better suited but finally proving to be just more deceptive than the previous one.

The numerous crisis presently shaking the Unipolar World, testify and expose its ever more visibly dissimulated projection efforts of embellished and wishful own value, image, power over, and control of its exterior (and interior), that desperately and agresively try to hide its proximous decay within the so-called New World Order emergent during the first decades of the 21st century.

The Multipolar World, in particular China and India each as a united and gigantic population, is growing in stature at an impressive rate and exerts an ever increasing pressure onto the Unipolar World, which will completely lose its dominational aptitudes onto Asia at the latest in about 2030 thus establishing a new relation which will invert the power balance.

Presently, the Space of Old Christians mentioned above no more bears at high cost and pain the dominating pressure of the capitalistic Unipolar World, as was the case during the 20th century but, if acting self-determined, is actually cured of communistic ideals traditionally associated with Mutipolar Behavior and already starting to trade its cooperation at ever more higher cost and pain to the latter, while turning toward trade and cooperation with the Multipolar World, at the slightest disparity between its own expectation and the bare facts of Unipolar Behaviour.

The latter attitude is precisely that which I wish Romania to adopt, namely that of a self-confident, strong and nation-centred balance between the decaying Unipolar World and the resurgent Multipolar World, while cooperating ever more intensely with the BRICS as well as with all other countries outside G20 as an alternative to the USA and the UK (that presently determine Transatlantic and NATO policies) to France and Germany (that presently determine European and EU policies), and to Arabia, Turkey and Israel (onto which Unipolar material and human resource policies presently depend). In order to assert this position Romania has to become more independent and nation-centered (as for instance presently afford Poland and Hungary because of their historical bindings to the Occident) and invest in (civil and military) projects and innovations of own design, that are founded and supported by national policies financed on increased state budgets (taxation and debts) in accordance with the strategic cooperation emphasis briefly sketched above.

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27 June 2017