Plenary Conferences and Keynotes at International Conferences

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21.  Teodosiu, C., Texture and microstructural effects in non-proportional loading, 7th Int. Symp. on “Plasticity and its Current Applications” (Plasticity’99), Cancun, Mexico, January 5‑13, 1999.

22.  Teodosiu, C., Configurational forces on crystal defects and viscoplastic potentials, Workshop on “Crystalline Plasticity”, Center for Nonlinear Analysis, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Scientific Coordination M. Gurtin, W. Williams and D. Owen, August 18‑22, 1999.

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32.  Teodosiu, C., Dislocation-based constitutive modelling at large plastic strains, 6th Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, Bucharest, Romania, June 28 - July 4,  2007.